Here Comes Santa

Here Comes Santa  ©2018

By Shara Reiner & Jane Allen

 Sculpting Instructions

 Sculpting Tips:

  • When working with QuikWood (QW): remove jewelry especially rings.
  • Work on parchment paper or a wax palette.
  • Apply Avon Silicon Glove before starting and periodically when working.
  • Use Extender for blending QW, but be careful to not use too much because it will make your surface gummy.
  • Only mix up the amount needed for the next step.
  • Always make sure your QW is thoroughly mixed or it will not cure.

Head – cut ½” QW and roll into oval shape.  Place parchment paper over pattern.  Lie in center of pattern and begin pressing and patting with palm of hand until clay fills the pattern.  The clay should be a dome shape with the center higher than the edges.  Allow to cure.

The face is a 1 ½” circle; the extra clay on the top is to attach the hat.  Position on the surface (see pattern) and secure with Super Glue Gel.

Nose – Mix sliver of QW and pull off a small ball about ¼”.  Roll into a cone shape and attach to face.  Nose should start just below center of head and go up to forehead. Use fingers to press and blend nose as needed.  Use blade to flatten bottom of nose.  Allow to cure.

Snowman – insert 4” dowel into 1 ½” Styrofoam ball. Cut 3/8” QW, blend and pull off a ball.    Roll ball into a coil and wrap around the dowel, blend clay onto the ball and then dowel.  Roll remaining QW into a ball and then begin to flatten and rotate between fingers forming a thin pancake.  Lay on front of snowman and begin pressing and blending onto ball, covering and blending until smooth.  Cut toothpick in half and insert in center front of face.  Blend around nose if needed.  Allow to cure.

Legs – lay Santa on piece of parchment paper.  Cut ½” of QW and divide in 2.  Roll each into a ball and then a fat cone.  Place one on each side of center and begin pressing and shaping.  They should each be a similar cone shape.   Place a hole in the bottom of each leg.

Bottom of Coat – Cut ½” of QW and roll into a coil about 4” long.  Flatten on parchment paper with palm of hand.  Lift off paper and lay on bottom of coat to see if it is the right length.  If so move and place a few dots of Super Glue Gel on bottom of coat.  Lay clay on bottom of coat and around sides.  Using tip of tool or pencil put little indents in the clay.

Shoes – cut a ¼” of QW and divide in 2.  Roll each into a coil about 1 ¼” – 1 ½” .  Lay on piece of parchment paper and slightly flatten with palm of hand.  Place a hole in top of each shoe.  Mix up a sliver of QW and roll three small balls for outside of each shoe.  Keep the balls small.  Lay to cure.

Candy cane – Cut ½” QW and roll into a coil about 4” long.  Cut a piece of 20 gauge wire about 6” long.  Press wire into bottom of coil and blend clay over it.  Working on a piece of parchment paper, roll coil to get it fairly smooth and even.  Bend hook on cane and allow to cure.

Tree – measure and mark on cone 1”, 2” , 3” and 3 ½” from bottom  of cone.  Mark on three or four sides and then connect with a pencil line.  Cut off the bottom of the cone at the 1” mark and the top of the cone at the 3 ½” mark.  Cut 1/8” QW and divide in two.  Insert dowel in 1  1/4” Styrofoam ball.  Roll clay into coil and wrap around dowel.  Blend into ball and then dowel.  Roll other piece into a coil about 4” long and wrap around center of ball.  Press ball into cone.  Blend clay to edges of cone.  Allow to cure.

In our next steps we will be laying the clay right about the lines that we have drawn on our cone.  Mix up and 1” of QW and divide in two.  Take one of the halves and divide into 2/3 and 1/3.  Roll these two pieces into coils; they should be the same thickness.  The larger piece should fit around the bottom and the smaller piece around the middle line on your cone.  Lay the coils on the respective lines, they should just be sitting above them and begin blending the top into the cone.  Roll other piece of clay into a ball and then into a cone about two inches long.  Pick up the cone and at the larger end begin pinching and turning to open up the cone so that you can slip it over the top of the tree.  Once it is on the tree, press to create a coil like the other two sections.  With the top straight begin pinching and ruffling the edges of the tree sections.  You can now twist or bend the top to the desired position.  If it is not staying, allow to sit about 5 minutes until the clay is stiffer.  Put hole in top so you can tread a star or bell to it.

Hat – Cut ¾” of QW and roll into a cone 2 ½” long.  Flatten at top and then begin pressing in center and pulling at edges.  Your cone should now look like a heart.  Lay cone upside down on head pressing at top and pulling tabs down at side.  Lift top up and pull across top of hat then flip tail up and curve end.  Cut off  1 ½” piece of wire and fold over to make hook.  Press into top of hat.

Stars – Cut ¼”  of QW and roll into ball.  Press and flatten on parchment paper.  Press large cutter into clay.  Remove extra clay and reroll and flatten,  cut medium star.  Reroll and cut smallest Star. Remove excess and allow to cure.  Wipe off cutter with baby wipes to keep the tool clean.  Put hole in top of smallest star.  When largest star cures cut 6” of wire.  Cut sliver of QW.  Lay wire on back of star and place small ball of QW over it.  Blend and allow to cure.

Beard – Cut 1/2 “ QW Roll into ball and then a cone about 2” long.  Roll a little extra at the pointy end.  Slightly flatten top, then pick up and begin pushing in center top and pulling on sides.  Stretch and place on face making sure there is enough of room for the mustache.  Pull sides up to edge of hat.  Pull and stretch at the bottom of the beard and then turn into a curl.

Hat band, mustache, and ball on hat – mix up ¼” of QW and divide in two.  Take one piece and roll into a coil about 2 ½” long, flatten slightly and lay over front of his hat.  Use sculpting tool or pencil and place indents in hat band like you did at the bottom of the coat.  Pull off clay a ball for pom pom on hat.  Press a little indent in with tool and attach to hat.  If needed us a little super glue gel to hold in place.  Allow to cure about five minutes and then go back and carefully put indents in ball.  Pull off two very small pieces of call and roll into a small cone for eyebrows.  Position against front of hat . Pull off two pieces of clay about the size of a pea and roll into a ¾” coil for the mustache.  Position in place and gently press.

Arms – Cut 3/8” of QW and divide in two.  Roll about 4 ½” long.  Decide the position you want for your arms and star and sketch unto wood.  Place a few drops of super glue gel and position arms and star in place.  Blend arms at shoulders.  Allow to cure.

Cuffs _ cut sliver of clay and divide in 2.  Roll into small coil about ¾” – 1”.  Flatten slightly and lay across wrist. Trim excess clay with exacto knife.  Press indents in cuffs with sculpting tool.

Attaching Cone –  Flatten cone slightly.  Place a few dots of Super Glue Gel on back of cone and position on back of Santa.  Cut ½” of QW and divide in 2.  Roll into 4” coils and press in edges of cone next to Santa, blend at tip of cone.


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