Pet Park Pals

Need more help getting started with QuikWood (QW) go to this page: Quikwood Tips and Tricks

Starting Bodies:

For the cat, mix up 3/8” of QW and roll into a ball and then into a cone/mound shape that is 1 1/8”high.  For the dog start with ½” of QW and roll into a cone/mound shape that is 1 3/16” tall.  Insert ½” piece of wire in the top center of each animal.  Make 4 more of each character.  Allow to cure.

Adding Heads:

Trim the wires on the bodies so they are no longer than ¼”.  Mix 1/8” of QW and pull off a 3/8” ball for the cat’s head.  Roll into a ball and place on top of the cat’s body.  For the Dog pull off a ½” ball and then roll it into a cone shape, keeping the top flat and the tip of the nose pointing up.  Place on top of dog’s body with the pointy end facing forward.  Repeat for other cats and dogs. Allow to cure

Adding Front Legs and Faces:

Mix 1/16” of QW.  When working on these small details it is best to not mix up too much QW at a time. To add the front legs on the cat pull off an 1/8” ball and then roll into a ¾” long coil.  Lay on front side of cat.  Repeat for second leg.  For the dog pull off a 3/16” ball and roll into a ¾” coil and lay on front side of dog.  Repeat for other side. 

For the cat ears pull off two balls that are slightly smaller than 1/16”. Lay on each side of the head and push into place.  Pinch from side to side to make points and pinch from front to back to flatten.  For the dog’s ears pull off ¼” ball of clay and into a 3/8” cone and flatten with finger.  Lay point of cone to side of head.  Repeat for other ear.  For the nose on the dog pull off a very small ball of clay and lay on tip of nose.  If needed use a little Super Glue Gel to hold into place.  For the cat muzzle pull off a 1/16” ball and divide in two.  Roll each into a ball and lay them on the cats face beside each other, just below center and gently flatten.  For the nose pull off a very small ball and place between two circles.  Push down on top of nose to create triangle shape.  Repeat for remaining characters and allow to cure.

Adding Back Legs and Tail:

Mix 1/8” of QW and pull off 4 1/8” balls.  These are to make the back legs of the cat and dog.  Take ball and pinch and pull on one side of ball creating a little leg. You should now have a pork chop shape. Place ball against side of animal and press on ball to flatten.  Repeat for other side and do the same for the dog.  For the tail on the cat pull off a ball that is a little less than ¼”.  Roll into a coil that is just about 1” – 1 ¼” long.  Lay end of coil at back center and bring up and curl around.  Repeat for dog and rest of characters.  Allow to cure.

Finishing Box:

Transfer pattern onto box and mix up ¼” of QW.  For the flowers at the side pull off a ¼” ball and place on flower and gently press.  Then take end of 3/16” dowel and press to indent center.  Pull off very small ball for center.  You can place it to the side of the center or in the center.  You can make your balls a little bigger and smaller so that all the flowers are not the same size.  Continue making flowers around sides of box mixing up more QW as needed. On the top of the box mark when flowers go.  You will want to make these flowers different sizes so pull off pieces of clay, roll into balls and lay on top.  Gently flatten and insert pointy tool in center of each flower.