Holly Snow Lady Ornament

I hope you will enjoy creating my snow lady ornament.  If you have purchased this pattern to help Wendy and Kevin Young….Thank you so very much!


Supplies needed to make Holly Ornament

  • 100 mm plastic disk ornament (about 4″ wide)
  • Quikwood (QW)
  • Diamond Dust glass glitter

DecoArt American Paints:

  • Blue Harbor
  • Bright Salmon
  • Country Red
  • Evergreen
  • Foliage Green
  • Hauser Medium Green
  • Indian Turquoise
  • Raw Sienna
  • Snow White
  • Soft Black
  • Spiced Pumpkin

Other Supplies:

  • Basic Painting Supplies & Brushes
  • Sculpting Blade or knife for cutting QW
  • DecoArt Extender for blending clay
  • Super Glue Gel
  • Avon Silicone Glove – optional but helps to keep QW from sticking to hands.
  • White Glue
  • Parchment paper
  • DecoArt spray varnish – optional
  • old brush for applying Glue
  • Paper plates for catching glitter.
  • Baby Wipes

Quikwood Basics:

  • Quikwood is a two part resin.  When mixed together you have about 20 minutes of open time before it begins to cure.  It will fully cure in 24 hours.
  • Only cut off as much as you need at a time.
  • Make sure it is thoroughly mixed together (no swirls of color) or it will not cure.
  • Do not wear jewelry especially rings when working with QW.
  • Apply Avon Silicone Glove before starting and as needed when working with the QW.
  • Use DecoArt Extender to blend QW being careful not to use too much or it will make your QW gummy.

Video on Quikwood Basics:

Getting started:

  • Remove top of ornament.  Pour Snow White paint into ornament and swirl around until ornament is covered.  Turn upside down and drain into cup. Tip:  I used a paper coffee cup which I was able to flatten sides – this made it easier to hold ornament.
  • Allow to dry overnight, then insert top back into ornament.

Creating Face:

  • Cut 1/2″ of QW, knead and roll into a ball, divide in 2.
  • Roll half into cone shape about 1″ long for nose.  Place slightly below center of your ornament.  Turn up nose slightly if desired.
  • Pull off two pieces of QW about the size of a pea, and roll each into a ball. they should be the same size.  Place evenly above nose, and press slightly to flatten.
  • Use remaining QW to make five balls for mouth.  I like to increment mine with the largest at the bottom center.  Place on ornament and slightly flatten.

Video for Creating Face:

Creating Holly:

  • Cut 1/2″ of QW and blend together.
  • Pull off piece of QW the size of a pea, roll into a ball and then an oval and flatten.
  • Lay on finger on one hand and use finger and thumb on other hand to pinch a point in the front.  Move slightly back and pinch a point on each side of front point.  Then create two more points behind the first side points.  Pull a point on the back of the leaf, this will be point we place in our QW on her head.
  • Wait a few minutes and then go back over leaves reshaping them and pressing them to make them thinner
  • Wait a few minutes and then begin shaping and curling leaves.  I like to give the leaves a slight curl.  I also like to have some of the points curl down.
  • TIP:  If you are brave you can mix your clay and wait about five minutes before shaping.  If you do that you will be able to combine the first two steps.
  • Mix more QW if needed.

Video for Creating Holly:

I find it easier to paint my holly before attaching it to my ornament.  So if you would like to do that also skip to the painting instructions below.

Video for Painting Holly:

Attaching Holly and adding Berries:

  • Think about how you would like to arrange your holly before attaching.
  • Cut 1″ of QW and roll into a 4″ coil.  Place across top of head and about 1″ down sides.
  • Insert holly into QW.  If needed use a little Super Glue Gel to hold in place.  Allow to cure.
  • Cut 1/4″ QW for berries.  Roll into 1/4″ balls and place between leaves.  If needed mix up more QW.

Video for Attaching Holly & Berries


  • Base nose with Spice Pumpkin and coal for eyes and mouth with Soft Black.
  • Float Blue Harbor in the bottom of each eye.  Paint Indian Turquoise comma stroke on the left side and bottom of each eye.  Add larger Snow White highlight on right of each eye and smaller highlight on lower left.  Place Snow White highlight on the left of each piece of coal forming the mouth.
  • Base leaves Hauser Medium Green.  Float Evergreen down center of leaves.  Float Foliage Green against center and on some of the tips of the leaves.  Allow to dry.  Float smaller areas of Indian Turquoise on Foliage Green randomly.  Paint veins with a brush mix of Snow White + Foliage Green.  Float back of leaves with Evergreen.
  • Paint branch with Raw Sienna.
  • Paint berries Country Red, drybrush tops with Bright Salmon.  Paint Snow White highlight on berries.


  • Since I am not going to cover my entire piece with glitter I gave my ornament a light spray of DecoArt Matte spray varnish.
  • I work a side at a time and brushed glue on the background.  I also added a little to the tips of leaves and randomly on the berries, and the top of the nose.
  • Sprinkle ornament with glitter and shake excess off on a paper plate.



Jane Allen

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