Colorful Friends

Need more help getting started with QuikWood (QW) go to this page: Quikwood Tips and Tricks

Shrinky Dinks:

Bee Wings:

We are making these out of Shrink Plastic which is shiny on one side and has a matt finish on the other side.  Lay the piece of shrink plastic over the pattern with the shiny side down.  Using blue colored pencil, or pencil of choice, trace wing pattern onto shrink plastic.  Cut each wing out following outside edges.  Once they are cut out you will want to shrink the plastic either in the oven or by using a heat gun.  For the oven heat it to 325 degrees and lay a piece of parchment paper in a pan.  Lay shiny side of wings down making sure there is plenty of room between the wings.  It won’t take long so watch carefully.  The wings will start to curl and then lay flat.  Leave in oven until they are flat and then remove.  If you are using a heat gun lay in lid of box, shiny side down on a piece of parchment paper.  Do one at a time.  Hold heat gun directly over wing and heat until it lies flat.

Attaching dowels to birds and bees:

For the small bee use the 1” ball and insert the 1/8” dowel into the ball.  Mix a sliver of QW and roll into a coil about ¾” long.  Wrap around dowel next to ball and blend down on ball and up on dowel. Use extender if needed.  For the large bee use the 1 ¼” and 1/8” dowel.  Do the same thing you did for the small bee.

For the birds use the 2 ½” egg and 3/16” dowel.  The pointy end will be the front of the bird and the back the fat end.  You will want to think about the position of the bird before inserting the dowel.  For the flying birds the dowel will go in the side about half way between the front and back and half way from side to side.  Think about the tilt of the bird, is it going up, straight ahead or looking down.  Position you bird and then insert dowel.  Mix a sliver of QW and wrap around dowel next to egg.  Blend onto body and then down on dowel using extender.  Repeat for the other flying bird.  I would try to make each of them in a different position.  For the sitting bird have it positioned with the body going up and down but leaning forward a little.  Insert dowel in bottom.  Mix a sliver of QW and wrap around dowel next to egg.  Blend onto body and then down on dowel using extender. Allow to cure.

Making birds wings and tail:

Mix 1/4” of QW for each wing and tail.  Lay parchment paper over pattern.   Roll first piece for wing into a cone that is about the length of the pattern, about 2” long.  Lay on pattern and begin pressing and patting to fill in the shape of the pattern.  Repeat for other wing and tail.  Let sit for 5 minutes.  To make the scallop on the wings and tail, use a pointy tool pull back on each mark, making an indent, on the wings and tail.  Then come back and pull tool in from each side to round out the indents. Repeat for other two birds.  Allow to cure.

Making Bird Feet:

To make the birds feet mix 1/8” of QWand begin pinching it between your fingers to make a pancake.   Lay on parchment paper and cut out a star using the smallest of the clay star cutters.  Reroll and cut out three more stars. Lay point of skewer on center of star between 2 points.  Repeat on remaining stars. Divide remaining clay in 4 and place over point of skewer in center of each star.   Pull two points next to skewer up against skewer.  Blend clay in center onto bottom star trying not to distort the shap of the star..  Let sit 5 minutes.   Lift off paper and blend clay onto dowel.   Pinch center toe and each side toes.  Pull side toes forward a little.  If still having trouble working with them wait 5 more minutes.  Let sit and cure.  

Bird Beaks:

Mix up 1/16” of QW and roll into a ¾” cone. Place on front of face.  Press in place and blend edges onto Styrofoam.   Repeat for other two birds.  Set timer for 10 minutes before cutting beak.  Using exacto knife start at point of beak and cut to center back, repeat on other side.  Lift beak open with blade of knife.  Reshape beak if needed .  Allow to cure.

Finishing Bees:

For the body of the small bee, mix up 1/4” of QW and roll into a ball. Then pinch and flatten making a pancake.  Lay over Styrofoam and press and pat to cover body.  Keep working until it is nice and smooth.   Blend onto dowel if needed.  For the wings the shiny side should be up.  The larger wing is in the front and the smaller wing in the back.  The half circles on the wings should be facing each other to form a heart.  Insert wings into bee with the large wing in the top front and the smaller wing behind it and going back.  Repeat on other side.  Press clay against wings if needed.  Cut two pieces of 24 Gauge wire and insert in front center for antenna. Allow to cure.

 Mix up a little less than 1/8” of QW and divide in two.  Off of the one piece pull off two small balls for eyes.  Roll remaining piece into ball and then pinch to form point/nose in front.  Attach to front of body.  Roll other piece into a cone and place on back of bee.  Blend edges to body, reshape if needed.  Place eyes in front of face and using point of tool press in center of each of them.

For the large bee mix 3/8” of QW and cover body and insert wings like you did for the small bee.  Mix 1/8” of QW to make head and stinger and continue as with small bee. Allow to cure. (video)

Adding Bird’s tail:  

Mix up ¼” of QW and roll into a ball.  Attach to back of bird and blend edges to Styrofoam.  Insert tail into QW with it going up and out on the flaying birds.  Blend the clay to the tail.  Once you have the tail the way you want it, sit it so the tail will stay in place and let it cure.  Repeat for the second flying bird.

For the sitting bird I want the tail to go straight up.  Mix 1/8” of QW and pull off small pieces and pinch and blend onto back of bird so that the area behind the tail is covered.  Then Mix ¼” of QW and place on bottom back of bird, blend into place .  Insert tail into clay and blend clay to back of tail.  Let sit and cure. (video)

Adding Legs:

Mix up 1/8” of QW and divide in 2.  Mark on your bird where you want your legs to be.  They should be back on the side and below the tail. Trim ½” off of end of each leg.    Insert legs in place, making sure they are where you want them to be.  Roll clay into a 1” coil and wrap around top of leg.  Shape into a mound on top of leg and blend top of mound to Styrofoam. Reshape if needed.  Repeat with other leg.  Make sure feet are turned and turning in on an angle. Repeat for other flying bird.  Allow to cure.

Mix a small amount of QW at a time, and cover the rest of the Styrofoam on all the birds. 

Adding Wings:  

Mix 1/8” of QW and divide in two.  Decide where you want to attach the wings.  They should be out from the mouth and back about ½”.  Place balls on each side and form into a t-pee shape.  Blend edges to body.  Lay wings in place and blend clay to back of wing.  Position the way you want.  If there is any excess clay on front of wings blend into place.  Repeat with other two birds.  Allow to cure.

Adding Eyes:

Mix up a sliver of QW and pull off two balls that are about ¼”.  Place above beak and gently pat into place.    Insert tip of pencil or tool into to the center of each eye.  Repeat for other birds. Allow to cure.