Christmas Gang Ornaments

Need more help getting started with QuikWood (QW) go to this page: Quikwood Tips and Tricks

Snow People Ornaments: 

To mark hats draw a line down from the top at 1 ¼”.  For her hat mix 1/8” QW and roll into a coil the width of the hat.  Lay on line and gently bend around the edge, then gently pat in place.  For his hat mix ¼” of QW and roll into a coil a little wider than his hat (about 2 ½”). Lay on piece of parchment paper and square off edges.  Pick up and lay across line for hat.  Gently pat in place.

For the noses mix ¼” of QW and divide in two.  Roll each into a fat ¾” cone and place in center of face.  Have the nose tip up slightly.  Let sit and cure.

To make the hat flower for her mix a sliver of QW and pull off a ½” ball.  Roll into a 1 ½” coil.  Lay on parchment paper and flatten.  It should be about 3/8” at the widest point. Let sit 5 to 10 minutes.  Lift clay and curl one end in on an angle , continue rolling with the top flaring out and the bottom staying tight.  As the flower gets bigger put a pleat in the bottom to flare it, you might have to do this a few times.  Allow to cure.  To make the leaves for the hat mix ¼” of QW and pull off three balls that are between 3/8” and ½”.  Roll into a cone that is about ¾” and flatten.  Lay first leaf to the right next to the band.  Place other leaves to the right with one being next to the band and the other one being higher.  Put a little ball of clay in center of leaves and place flower on top of it.  With remaining clay pull off two ¼” balls for eyes and place on each side of face above nose.  Gently pat.  For the mouth I like to start with the largest piece of clay at the bottom and as it goes up the pieces get smaller.  Start with small ball for center, then two smaller balls on each side and two smaller balls at  the end.  Lay on ornament and when you are happy with placement gently pat into place .

For the bird on his hat mix 1/16” of QW and pull off ¼” ball for tail.  Roll into a 3/4” cone with a little point on the end.  Lay on parchment paper and  gently flatten.   For the wings pull off two ¼” balls.  Roll into ½” cone and flatten.  They should be about the same size and shape.  Let site and cure.  For the body and head of the bird, mix 1/8” of QW and pull off a ¼” ball.  Take what is left and roll into a ball and then into an oval.  Lay so that th bird is hanging over brim.  Insert tail in back and lay wings on each side with the wide end next to body.  Add ball for head to front.  Cut off tip of toothpick and insert in front of head. Let sit and cure.

Mix 1/8” of QW and pull off two ¼” + balls for eyes.  Position on each side above nose.  Gently pat in place.  For the mouth start with ¼” ball in bottom center, then pull off smaller balls for each side and smaller for the last two.  Arrange mouth pieces and when satisfied with placement, gently pat in place. 

For the greens on the hat mix a sliver of QW and pull off two small balls for leaves that are a little smaller than ¼”.  Roll into small coil and flatten and place next to bird with one up and one down.  Pull off 3 small 1/8” balls for berries and place beside leaves.  Allow to cure.

Santa Ornament:

For Santa’s nose mix 1/8” of QW and roll into a 1 ½” cone. Lay in center of face.  The top is right below the hat line and the bottom is about ½” above beard.  Pinch nose to make triangular shape and press up on bottom to flatten.  Insert pointy tool in bottom for nostrils.  Roll tool to widen nose a little.

For the hat mix ¾” of QW and roll into a 2” long cone.  Then just roll end to get a skinny cone.  The cone should now be 3” long.   Flatten top of cone and lay against top of ornament getting the bottom of the cone to the width of the ornament.  Using a little extender, blend clay to top of ornament.    Let sit 5 to 10 minutes.  For the hat band mix 3/8” of QW and roll into a coil that is just a little more than the width of the ornament about 2”+.  Lift top of hat with blade and bend hat to one side with the tip turned up.

Mix 1/8” of QW and pull off two ¼” balls for the eyebrows. Divide remaining clay in two and roll into balls which should be about ½”.  Roll balls for mustache into 1” cones.  Lay under nose with points tipping up.  Press gently in center.  Roll smaller balls into ½” cones for eyebrows.  Lay next to hat band with them turning upward.  Allow to cure.

Mix sliver of QW and pull off a 3/8” ball for the hat.  For the holly leaves pull off three ¼” balls.  For the leaves roll into a small cone and flatten.  Lay at edge of hat, have two leaves going one way and the other one going the opposite direction. Pull off three 1/8” berries and place in center of holly.  If you have any clay left add it to the ball for the hat and roll it into a nice ball.  Using pointy tool put a little indent in the ball.  Add a drop of Super Glue Gel and lay on tip of hat.  Allow to cure.

Angel Ornament:

To make the holly on the angel mix ½” of QW and divide into 5 balls with the balls being in proportion to the size of the leaves. Lay parchment paper over your pattern and roll the ball into a double pointed coil the length of the leaf.  Begin pressing and flatten, then begin pinching and pushing to form points.  You will want to make sure you have a nice tail on the leaf so that you can insert it into some clay when you are done.  If you need to you can flatten the leaf again and then begin pressing and pinching until you are satisfied with the shape of your leaf.  Repeat for the remaining leaves.  You will want to place the leaves side by side on the paper.  Lay leaves on parchment paper wrap around a 2” paint bottle (8oz).  Use a rubber band to hold it in place. 

For the nose mix 1/8” of QW and roll into a 2” cone.  Lay in center of face about ¾ down from top.  Flatten bottom and pinch sides to give you a triangular shape.  Use pointy tool and insert nostrils in nose.  Allow to cure.

For the holly hair mix up 1/8” of QW and pull off two ¼” balls to attach the lower two pieces of holly.  Roll the balls into a cone, place on bottom of each leaf.  Lift ornament up a little so that leaves can hang down.  Lay two leaves  down a little on each side.  Pull off a 3/8” ball and lay in top center.  Insert two top side leaves in clay and then have the smallest leaf go up and out.  Let cure.

To finish angel mix 1/8” of QW and pull off small balls for berries.  They should be ¼” or less.  Place over area where leaves where inserted.  To put a halo on the back take wire and wrap around QW tube, then wrap ends together. Fold over and trim to desired length.  Lay remaining clay over halo and then make a hook and insert into clay.  Allow to cure.  I used Turquoise wire; you could also paint brown wire. 

Deer Ornament:

To make antlers mix 1/8’ of QW and flatten in to 1 1/8” pancake.  Cut out a star using smallest star clay cutters. Reroll clay and cut out second star.  To make antlers pinch two points together on each star and pinch to lengthen.  Pinch each of the other points to define.  Push outside points to center point.  Let sit about 5 to 10 minutes.  Lift them up and reinforce shaping.  Line them up and press against top of ornament.  Once they cure glue antlers in place. 

For the ears mix ¼” of QW and divide in 2.  Let clay sit 10 minutes. Roll each into a 1” cone. Lay on parchment paper and gently flatten.  Lay pointy tool or pencil from point of ear to the back and pinch clay around tool point.  Pick up and position on face and lay next to antler on an angle.  Press and remove tool. Repeat for other ear.  Keep watching and lift ears up as they cure.  Allow to cure. 

To reinforce antlers mix a sliver of QW.  Lay a little coil of clay on the back of each antler and have it extend down onto wood. 

For his mouth mix 1/8” of QW and roll into a 2” coil.  Lay on face and turn up at each side.  Press and flatten.  Cut down center of mouth with exacto knife.  Cut in half up and down and then divide each side into thirds.  Allow to cure.

For the mistletoe mix 1/8” of QW and divide in two.  Roll into a long oval and lay on piece of parchment paper.  Press and pat into a teardrop shape.  It should be about ¾” long.  Fold over a piece of wire and trim to ½”.  Insert into the top of the teardrop.  Pull off small ¼” balls and roll into cones.  Gently flatten and place on base.  Then pull off very small balls for berries and place between leaves and at bottom.  Allow to cure.

To finish lips mix 1/16” of QW and divide into two.  Roll each piece into a thin coil and begin wrapping bottom center of coil to bottom center of mouth.   Trim at corner.  Do the same with top lip, cutting off any excess clay.   Blend edges together.

For the nose mix ¼” QW and roll into ball and place in center.  Allow to cure.

For hook in back and wire to hang mistletoe mix a sliver of QW and pull of a 3/8” ball.  Fold over a piece of wire and make a ½” hook.  Place clay in center back and insert 4” piece of wire next to ornament.  Insert hook behind wire.  Allow to cure.

Note:  If you would like a simpler deer follow the directions for the antlers and ears.  Add a little holly like on Santa and put the nose just a little lower.

Attaching hooks:

To attach hook to ornaments mix a sliver of QW and pull off ½” ball.  Roll into a ball and place on back of ornament. Fold over a piece of wire to make a hook and trim to ½”. Slip wire into QW.  Allow to cure.