Bonus Snowie

Need more help getting started with QuikWood (QW) go to this page: Quikwood Tips and Tricks

Nose :

Mix a sliver of QW and pull off a ¼” ball.   Roll into a cone that is about ¾” – 1” long. Let clay sit 5 – 10 minutes before starting or after rolling nose when it has set about 15 minutes reroll it so there is no flat spot on the bottom.  Roll additional noses until you have used all the clay.     Allow to cure.

Inserting Tree in Shaker :

If desired brush a little white glue on tip of the tree and then sprinkle with glitter.     Allow to dry. Place Super Glue Gel on bottom of tree and insert into jar.  Align with finger and/or tweezers.  You could also put a small piece of Quikwood if the base is concave.  Hold in place a little bit to let glue set up.  Fill shaker with glass glitter up to the bottom of the tree.   If desired you can fill the shaker with beads, bells, lace, sequins, ribbon, etc.

Adding Head, Nose and Hat:

To keep the outside of the shaker free of Quikwood finger prints wrap a piece of saran wrap around shaker under the neck of the shaker.  Mix a ½” of QW and begin pinching it and patting it to make a flat pancake.  Lay on1 ½” ball and begin pressing and pulling until the ball is covered.   Roll in your hands to smooth.     If the bottom is not completely covered it is ok as long as you have enough clay to cover the rim.   Pick your best side for the front and align and press into the rim of the shaker.  Place nose in center of face.  I like my nose to turn up a little.  Press clay up against nose, if needed.  Place lid on top for the hat and press firmly into place. Allow to cure.

Adding Arms:

To make the arms cut a piece of wire about 14 inches long.  Wrap around neck making sure ends are even and then twist together in the back.  Fold twisted wire up at back and then bring each wire forward and fold out at shoulders (side center). Mix ¼” of QW and roll into a coil about 5” and wrap around bottom half of rim, then gently flatten to make bottom half of sweater.  The clay should go around the arms. Allow to cure.


Mix 1/4” of QW and roll into a coil about 5” long. Lay around the top of rim next to face.  Gently flatten into place.  Blend back together if needed.  If desired using tool or knife press lines in top to create ribbing.  On bottom of collar take tip of tool and pull up on it to give it a little definition.  Allow to cure.


To make band on hat, mix 1/4” of QW and roll into a coil about 4”- 4 1/2” long. Lay on center front of hat and bring around to back meeting in the center.  Give clay a little tug in back if not long enough.  Blend clay together in back.  Gently flatten clay.  And then place indents in band with tool to create ribbing . Mix 1/8” of QW and roll into ball, place on center top of hat.  Shape if needed.  Allow to cure.

Shaping Arms :

Bend arms forward from shoulders and then bend elbow about 1” down.  Bend to create wrist about 1” from elbow.  Using round nose pliers   bend wire about ½” from wrist and loop back to wrist to create hand.  Fold wire forward from wrist to make thumb and then trim.    

Bird and Holly:

Mix a sliver of QW and pull off two ¼” balls to make holly leaves.     Roll each into a cone that is about ½” and then flatten.  Position on hat with the tips standing out and up.  Pull off three small balls for berries and place between leaves.  To make the bird use about 3/8” – ½” ball of clay.  Begin pinching and pressing to flatten body and then pull up on each end making the tail and the face.  Place a small piece of wire into the front of the face for the beak.  Position hand so that it can hold the bird and place bird in hand.   Allow to cure.  Trim wire on beak once clay has cured.