Bluebird of Happiness – Shara’s Way & Jane’s Way

Quikwood Basics:

  • Quikwood is a two part resin.  When mixed together you have about 20 minutes of open time before it begins to cure.  It will fully cure in 24 hours.
  • Only cut off as much as you need at a time.
  • Make sure it is thoroughly mixed together (no swirls of color) or it will not cure.
  • Do not wear jewelry especially rings when working with QW.
  • Apply Avon Silicone Glove before starting and as needed when working with the QW.
  • Use DecoArt Extender to blend QW being careful not to use too much or it will make your QW gummy.

Video on Quikwood Basics:

Shara’s Way:

Getting Started:

  • Cut off tip of cone and insert dowel.  Keep cutting off cone a little at a time until the dowel fits snugly in it.  Remove dowel from cone.
  • Insert dowel in eggs.  The pointy end is the top of the bird, the flat end is the bottom.  The egg is sitting on an angel and the dowel is inserted in the bottom edge of the egg.
  • Cut sliver of QW and wrap around dowel.  Blend clay onto egg and then onto the dowel.  Use extender if needed.

Video for getting started:


Adding the Beak:

  • Cut 1/8″ of QW and roll into a cone about 1″ long.  Place on front of bird and blend into Styrofoam, it should now be about 3/4″ long. Re-shape beak of bird. Allow to cure.

Video for adding beak:


Adding details to Cone:

  • Mix up 1/2″ of QW, pull off a piece and roll into a coil about 1/4″ wide.  Lay on top edge of cone and gently pat in place.  Roll another piece about 1/4″ and attach to end of the other piece blend into place.  Continue until the clay goes around the top of the cone.   blend seams together with extender.  Flatten slightly.
  • If you have enough left wrap it around the bottom in the same matter.  Mix up more QW if needed.
  • Using blade or tool cut indent about every 1/4″.  Then go back and cut down on top edge and then bottom edge to make the checks stand out.  Repeat for the bottom.
  • I used the next to the largest Kemper flower cutter to cut the flowers for the cone.  Cut 1/4″ of QW and flatten with fingers on piece of parchment paper.  Cut 6 flowers, I cut 4 then rerolled the clay and made the last 2 flowers.  Place the flowers randomly on the cone.  With extra clay roll small dot and place in center of each flower.  Add additional small balls between flowers.  mix additional clay if needed. Use Super Glue Gel if needed.  Allow to cure.

Video for adding details on cone:


Making Flowers for Nest:

  • For the largest flower cut 1/4″ QW and mix and roll into a ball.  Lay ball on piece of parchment paper and cutting from the outside in, make 6 evenly spaced cuts on the outside edge.  Press finger in center.  Pinch each section around edge using thumb and finger. If needed recut sections.  As it is curing keep pinch and lifting petals.  Place small hole in center of flower.  Allow to cure.
  • For the medium size flowers mix up 1/4″ of QW.  Divide in 2 with one larger than the other.  Roll into a ball and slightly flatten.  Then push finger into center.  Place hole in center. Allow to cure.
  • To finish flowers cut a piece of wire about 4 – 5 inches long for each one.  Using pliers roll small circle in end of wire and fold over.
  • to make centers mix 1/8″ of QW.  For the larger flower roll off a piece and roll a ball about 1/2″ wide.  place wire in flower and then press ball on top of it.  Slip the wire in each of the smaller flowers and roll a small ball for the center of each and press into place.  Allow to cure.
  • To finish the larger flowers cut 1/8″ of QW and divide in 2.  Roll into a ball and slid down the wire onto the back of the largest flower.  Shape into a cone and if needed blend onto back of flower.  To finish the medium flowers divide the remaining piece of clay in 2.  Roll each into a ball and slip on the back of each flower.  Shape into a cone.  Allow to cure.
  • For the filler flowers cut 1/8″ of QW and divide into 3.  Roll each into a ball and lay on parchment paper.  Flatten slightly and press in center.  Allow to cure.
  • To finish small flowers cut a sliver of QW and divide into 3.  Create a ball and lay on back of flower and pinch into a cone shape.  Cut a piece of wire 3″ long for each.  Insert wire into cone.  Repeat for other two flowers, allow to cure.

Note: Shara created two sets of flowers for her cone.

Video for creating flowers:


Creating Wings & Tail:

  • Place parchment paper over pattern.
  • Cut 1/4″ of QW for wings and divide in 2.  Roll each piece into a cone about 1″ long and lay on top of pattern.  Press using extender if needed and pat and fill pattern for each wing.
  • For the tail feathers cut 1/4″ of QW and divide in 3.  The feather are each a different size so have one piece a little larger then the others.  Roll into a cone the length of each feather.  Lay on pattern and press and flatten. Pinch ends to make a little pointy.
  • Allow to cure.

Video for creating wings and tail:


Attaching Tail:

  • Cut 1/4″ of QW and roll into a ball.  Place on back of body and blend edges into Styrofoam.  Insert biggest tall feather into the clay and blend clay onto feather using extender if needed.  Shape tail.
  • Insert other two feather into clay in front of center feather.  Shape and blend excess clay.
  • Keep watch to make sure the tail is standing up and allow to cure.

Video for attaching tail:


Attaching Wings:

  • Cut 1/8″ of QW and divide in two.  Roll into a ball and place on each side of bird making sure they are placed evenly.  Blend the edges of each ball into the Styrofoam.
  • Place wings on each ball of clay, pressing on an angle.  Check for placement and blend back of clay onto back of wing. Again check placement and blend excess clay onto bird.  Allow to cure.

Video for attaching wings:


Adding hook and covering Bird with QW:

  • Cut 3 inches of wire and bend in half to make hook.  Insert in bird.  Cut another piece of wire and make hook.  Hang bird from hook making sure dowel is hanging straight.  Reposition if needed.
  • Pull off small piece of QW and roll into a coil.  Wrap around hook and blend into Styrofoam.  Make sure the hook is still open.
  • Pull off small piece of QW at a time and pinch flat, lay on bird and press and blend covering Styrofoam.  Use extender to blend as needed.   Continue until all the Styrofoam is covered. If needed cut more QW.
  • Using pointy tool place hole behind beak to insert antenna.  Cut 3: piece of wire to make antenna.  Using round nose pliers make small circle in top, then use pliers and make bigger circle.  Blend back and insert in bird.

Video for attaching hook and covering bird with QW:


Finishing Bird:

  • Cut 1/4″ of QW.  Press hole in 1 1/2″ Styrofoam ball and then insert dowel into ball. Decide height of bird and make on dowel where the dowel comes out of the cone.
  • Pull out dowel with ball and pull off small piece of QW and wrap around dowel right above pencil mark.  Insert back in cone.
  • Decide if you like the length of dowel.  If not shorten as desired.  Roll remaining clay into a ball and insert on bottom of dowel.  Reshape if needed and allow to cure.

Video for finishing Bird:


Jane’s Way:

Creating Wings and Tail:

  • See Pattern at end of document or use Wing and Tail Pattern Here (PDF)
  • Cut 1″ of QW, blend and divide in two with one ball being slightly larger than the other. Use the smaller ball for the tail. Divide the larger ball again in two for the wings.
  • Lay a piece of parchment paper over your pattern for the wings and tail.
  • You will be making a cone for each section of the tail and wings.  To make a cone roll the clay into a ball.  Place the bottom of your hands together and lay the clay between your hand.  Begin rolling your hands back and forth to create the cone.  the distance your hands are apart will determine if your cone is fatter to thinner.  The closer the hands are together at the top the thinner your cone.
  • For the tail pull off a piece of clay the size of a pea and roll into a cone.  Place in the center of the pattern.  Continue pulling off a piece of clay the size of a pea for the  two sections on each side of the center and roll into a cone.  Place next to center and press against center to attach.  The two outside sections will be slightly smaller.  Divide the remaining clay and roll each piece into a cone.  Place each on outside edge of tail.  Press slightly to join to adjoining section.  Using extender blend bottom together.
  • For wings pull off piece the size of a pea and create cone.  Place on top section of wing pattern.  The top sections bends up slightly.  Pull off another piece slightly smaller than the last one.  Roll into a cone and lay next to top section.  Press slightly to attach together.  Continue making the next two cones in the same manner with each one slightly smaller pressing to attach each time.  Using extender blend bottom of wings together and fit clay to pattern.  Repeat for other wing.
  • Allow to cure before attaching.

Video for Creating Wings and Tail:


Head and Body:

  • Insert 1 1/2″ of 1/4″ dowel into 2″ Styrofoam ball.
  • Press 1″ ball onto top of dowel leave 1/4″ showing for neck.
  • Cut 1/8″ of QW, blend and roll into 1 1/4″ coil.  Wrap around neck. Blend coil into Styrofoam starting at the bottom, then blend onto top ball.  Continue blending until everything is well blended.  Allow to cure
  • Cut 1/2″ of QW.  Blend, roll into a ball and then press into pancake keeping the center thicker and the edges thinner. Start at front and lay over head.  Press and blend until the head is covered.
  • Blend into neck using extender if needed. Shape head by patting with hands so that it is smooth and the QW fairly even.  Allow to cure.

Video for Head and Body:


Creating Beak:

  • Cut 1/8″ of QW and blend together.
  • Pinch off two very small piece for the eyes
  • Roll into a ball and then slightly flatten bottom and sit on finger.  Using finger and thumb of opposite hand pinch both sides creating a pyramid shape.
  • Decide on where you want your beak.  Remember this will play a part in how your bird is looking.  Place beak on bird and blend edges.  Reshape beak if needed.
  • Roll two small eyes and place on bird.
  • If you want your bird to have an open mouth wait until the QW starts to stiffen.  This will take about 5 to 7 minutes.  Keep checking you do not want it to get too stiff.
  • Using Exacto begin cutting at the tip of the beak and cut back on one side.  go to the opposite side and cut from tip to side.  Use knife blade to lift open the mouth.  Shape mouth if needed.  Allow to cure.

Video for Creating Beak:


Attaching Tail:

  • Cut 3/4″ of QW and roll into a ball.  Decide where you want the tail in relationship to the head.  Place ball on back of bird and blend edges into body.
  • Press tail into ball of QW.  Blend QW onto top and bottom of tail using extender.
  • Realign if needed and blend excess QW onto body.  Allow to cure.

Video for Attaching Tail:


Attaching Wings:

  • Cut 1″ of QW and divide into two.  Roll each piece  into a ball and place on each side of bird.  (Think bird shoulders)  Blend edges of each ball into the body.
  • Working on one wing at a time press wing into ball of QW.  Blend QW onto top and back  of wing using extender.  Repeat for other wing.
  • Realign wings if needed and blend excess QW onto body.  Allow to cure.

Video for Attaching Wings:

Attaching Dowel, Hook, and Cone:

  • Cut off tip of cone with scissors a little bit at a time until the dowel goes through the cone.
  • Before inserting dowel in bottom of bird decide on the position of the bird in the nest. Push dowel into bottom of bird.  Reposition if needed. Cut 1/4″ of QW and divide in half.  Roll a coil about 1″ and wrap around dowel.  Blend onto Styrofoam ball and then onto dowel.
  • Cut a piece of 20 gauge wire 2″ long and fold over to make a hook.  Also cut a piece about 4″ long and fold up one end to make a hook to test and see if your ornament is hanging straight.
  • Insert hook in top of bird body.  Insert longer piece of wire in hook and hold up to see if dowel is hanging straight.  Reposition hook until ornament is hanging straight.  Use half of remaining QW and make a coil about 3/4″ long.  Wrap around hook.  Blend QW onto body.
  • Use the remaining QW to cover any Styrofoam areas on the bird.  Pinch off a piece, press it flat and blend it onto the area, continue until all areas are covered.
  • Cut 1/2″ of QW.  Pull off a piece of QW the size of a pea.  Roll into a ball and place on cone, and slightly flatten.  Continue adding dots to cone.  Use any remaining QW to cover Styrofoam areas on bird.

Video for Dowel, Hook, and Cone:



  • Using sculpting tool or pencil start hole through 1.5″ Styrofoam ball, then push dowel through ball.  place in cone and decide where dowel should come out of the cone.  Remember you want to have enough room to place straw in top of ornament and have the bird look like it is sitting on it.
  • Mark where dowel comes out of cone with a pencil.  Cut a silver of QW. Remove dowel from cone.  Roll QW in small coil and place above mark on dowel.  Insert back into cone and allow to cure.  Hang if possible or position so ball does not get misshaped.
  • Cut 1/8″ of QW and roll into a ball.  Attach to bottom of dowel if needed use a little super glue gel to hold.  Reshape ball if need and hang to cure.