108 Starry Night Flight


Quikwood Basics:

  • Quikwood is a two part resin.  When mixed together you have about 20 minutes of open time before it begins to cure.  It will fully cure in 24 hours.
  • Only cut off as much as you need at a time.
  • Make sure it is thoroughly mixed together (no swirls of color) or it will not cure.
  • Do not wear jewelry especially rings when working with QW.
  • Apply Avon Silicone Glove before starting and as needed when working with the QW.
  • Use DecoArt Extender to blend QW being careful not to use too much or it will make your QW gummy.

Video on Quikwood Basics:


Adding Beak to Bird:

To add the beak, mix 1/2″ of QW and roll into a cone about 2″.  Place beak on 4” ball and blend around edges.  Then shape beak.  To have an open mouth wait until the QW starts to stiffen. This will take about 5 to 10 minutes. Keep checking because you do not want it to get too stiff.

Using Exacto begin cutting at the tip of the beak and cut back on one side. Go to the opposite side and cut from tip to back of beak. Use knife blade to lift open the mouth. Shape mouth if needed. Allow to cure.


Attaching Santa’s Head:

Insert end of 1 ½ length “of 1/8” Dowel into pointy end of 2.5” Styrofoam egg, and then place 1” ball on top of dowel leaving ¼” for the neck. Mix up sliver of QW and divide in 2 and roll into a ball.  Roll ball into small coil about ¾” long. Wrap around bottom of neck and blend into egg and then dowel. Blend until smooth using extender if needed. Roll a second piece of QW into coil and wrap under head, blend onto ball and down dowel. Shape making sure to keep neck thin and have QW blended onto the egg and ball. Allow to cure.


Making Tail and Wings for Bird:

Lay parchment paper over pattern.  Cut 1 1/2″ QW and divide in two. Make a ball with one piece and lay it over the wing pattern.  Put extender on the palm of your hand and begin patting until the clay fills the space.   Cut the wings in half with a blade or knife.  For tail roll clay into a cone shape and then flatten to fill the pattern using the palm of your hand and/or fingers.  Allow to cure.

Covering Santa’s Face with Clay:

Mix up 1/4” of QW. Roll clay into a ball and then start pressing and pinching to make a flat pancake. Lay on front of face and begin pressing and blending over head using extender if needed. Keep blending until clay is evenly distributed and smooth. Allow to cure.

Making Feet for Bird:

For feet and legs cut two 1/8” dowels 6” long and mix ½” of QW.  Roll clay into a ball and begin pressing and flattening starting at center and working way out to edges.  Lay on parchment paper and gently flatten using extender on palm if needed.  Using large star clay cuter cut one star.  Remove extra clay and reroll and cut second star. They should be about the same thickness.

Lay end of dowel in center of each star between two points.  Pick up points on each side of dowel and wrap them down on dowel.   Pull off small piece of clay from excess and lay over tip of dowel that is showing on the foot.  Wait 5 minutes so that it is easier to work with the clay.

We will be covering the entire bird and Santa with QW.  You can take your extra clay and pull off a small piece at a time and begin pressing and blending it onto your bird around the beak and the area behind the eyes.  Where you are blending onto cured QW you will need extender to get a smooth blend. Be careful not to blend on an area that you will need to insert something like the legs.  A good place to start is around the beak.

Lift feet off of parchment paper and blend clay on dowel and blend dot of clay on foot. (if not firm enough wait a few more minutes). Lay on parchment paper and begin shaping feet by rounding toes, pulling side toes slightly forward and pulling center toe out a little.  Allow to cure

Attaching Bird Eyes and Santa’s Nose:

Mix up a ¼” of QW and pull off a small piece for the nose.  Roll into a cone shape and attach to face.  Nose should start just below center of head and go up to forehead. Use fingers to press and blend nose as needed.  Use blade to flatten bottom of nose.  Allow to cure.

With clay that is left divide into two and roll into two equal size balls for eyes. Lay on birds face and lightly pat with hand to flatten a little.   Using tool or pencil place hole in center of each eye. Allow to cure.

Attaching Tail to Bird:

Mark on bird where you want to place the tail making sure that it is aligned front to back and side to side.  Mix 1/2″ of QW.  Push tail into back of bird and then remove.  Roll clay into a ball and place on back of bird.  Blend edges onto Styrofoam.  Insert tail into clay and then blend clay onto tail using extender.  Once blended, blend any excess clay out and shape tail.  Position tail as desired. Allow to cure.

Attaching Santa to Bird:

Position Santa where you want him on the bird and then press into Styrofoam.  I have mine leaning forward a little and turn so that he is facing sideways.  Mix 1/2” of QW and divide into two and then one piece in half again.  Roll one of the quarters into a ball and then flatten like a pancake and lay on indent in birds back and then blend out onto Styrofoam. Take other quarter of clay, flatten onto bottom of Santa and blend up onto Santa.  Insert 2” dowel into bottom of Santa and then insert end into bird.  Using remaining clay made a coil 4” and wrap around base of Santa.  Blend bottom into bird and top into Santa.  Allow to cure.

Making Stars:

For this project you will need a number of different size stars.  To make the stars you will use the Kemper star cutters.  Mix ½” of QW and let sit 5 minutes and then pinch and press with fingers to make a pancake.  Then lay on a piece of parchment paper and flatten with hand.  Remove excess clay and continue rerolling and cutting additional stars until the clay is all used.  If you want some stars on wires coming from the basket and also the end of the tree place two holes in them with a pointy tool or pencil.  Allow to cure.

Attaching Wings and covering Santa with QW:

Mix ¼” of QW and pull off a small piece. Press between fingers to flattened and then lay on Styrofoam areas of body of Santa and begin pressing and blending using extender if needed. Cover all the Styrofoam on Santa, mix up additional clay if needed.  If you have extra clay add to top of body of bird.

Cut sliver of QW and divide in two.  Press clay with fingers to make it thin and then place on body where wing would be attached.  Press and blend using extender, repeat for the other side.

Mix ¼” of QW and divide in 2 and roll each into a ball.  Press ball on each side of bird where you want the wings to attach to the body.  Blend edges of ball into Styrofoam and then press wings on top.  Make sure they are aligned correctly.   On back blend QW to body and back of wings.  Blend any excess out.  Check alignment of wings, adjust if needed and then let set to cure.

Making Trees:

Cut 3/8” of QW and press and flatten with fingers then lay on parchment paper and continue to flatten with palm of hand.  Using star clay cutters cut largest star, reroll extras and flatten and cut medium star, and repeat to make small star.  Then reroll and cut out next to largest sized Kemper star.  Let sit 5 to 8 minutes before assembling.

Pick up largest star and lay on skewer with point up.  Point should be about 1 ¼” from top.  Pinch top point around skewer.  Pick up medium star and lay about ½” above previous star.  Pat into place and pinch top point around skewer.  Pick up next size star and slid skewer thru bottom center of star.  Lay smallest star on top of tree.  If some of the skewer is sticking out the top it can be trimmed when tree cures.

For the tree that Santa is holding, place small piece of QW on top and slid in a 3” piece of wire, place small star on top.

Place some of the smaller stars we made earlier randomly on the tree.  Allow to cure. Repeat to make 3 more trees.

Once trees have cured mix up a sliver of QW for each tree and roll into a coil and blend and press over centers of trees.  Make sure none of the clay is showing on the front.  Allow to cure.


Attaching Santa’s Legs:

Mix ¼” of QW and divide in 2.  Roll each into a coil 3” long.   Attach legs to front of body, bring leg forward and bend at knee with legs going back, and bend foot down at ankle.   Position legs and when happy with placement pat into place.  Blend top of legs into body.  Allow to cure.


Santa’s coat trims:

Mix 1/8” of QW and pull off small ball for buttons.  Roll remaining clay into a 2” coil.  Lay around neck meeting in the front and gently pat into place.  Using exacto knife cut V out of center front of collar.  With remaining clay pull off small balls to make 4 buttons.  Roll into balls and starting at collar place on Santa and gently flatten.

To make the trim for the bottom of the coat mix ½” of QW and roll into a coil 5” long.  Lay on parchment paper.  With extender on palm of hand gently flatten coil.  Using blade pat against ends to make them square.  Let sit for 5 – 10 minutes.

Using blade pick up clay off of parchment paper.  Lay one end in center front and begin wrapping around bottom of Santa’s body. The bottom of the trim should be a little above the bird.  If the clay is too short gently pull on it and bring it around to the front.   If the clay is too long gently lift and pat into place.  Allow to cure.

Santa’s Arms:

To make Santa’s arms mix up ¼” of QW and divide in 2.  Roll each piece into a coil 3” long. Allow the clay to sit 5 minutes to make it easier to shape the arms.

Santa’s left arm is going to start at the shoulder, bend at the elbow and then his hand will be cupped in the front to hold a star or the reins.  I placed a tooth pick in his hand to keep it open.

His right arm will start at the shoulder and come out so the tree can slide under it.  It will then bend at the elbow, the lower part of the arm will touch the body and the hand will rest on the trunk of the tree.  Once you position the arm place the tree in it to make sure your placement is correct.  I want to be able to remove the tree to make it is easier to paint.  Remove tree and wait five minutes.

Test again to make sure that both arms are aligned the way you want.  Keep checking until the clay is cured.

Santa’s pack:

Smash 1 ¼’ Styrofoam ball against hard surface to flatten on one side.  Mix ¾” of QW and roll into a ball.  Begin pressing and pinching with fingers to flatten.  The flat edge goes against Santa’s back and the top edge we want to keep open so that we can place stars in it.  Position clay so that ¼” of clay is standing above the top of the pack. Press clay over pack and up back.  If you have enough clay make a rim on top of back of pack.  Press pack on Santa’s back.

Santa’s hat and beard:

Mix ¾” of QW for the hat and ½” of QW for the beard.  Roll clay for hat into a ball, then into a cone 3 ½” long, with the tail being skinny. Using pointy tool or pencil press into top of hat and swirl around to make it bigger, then use fingers to pinch and expand hat opening.  Place hat on head and pat into place. Push tail up and let rest while working on beard.

Roll clay for beard into a ball and then into a cone 3” long with the end being skinny. Lay on a piece of parchment paper and gently pat to flatten top of beard.  Pick up and gently press down in top center and pull edges up to make the sideburns. Lift beard and place on face leaving enough room for mustache.  Pull sides up to hat brim.

Let beard and hat sit for 10 minutes.  While waiting mix up 1/4” of QW and roll into a coil about 3 ½” long. Lay on top edge of hat band and have it meet in the back.  Gently pat into place making sure you are covering the edge of the hat.

At the end of the hat I want to place a ball so roll the clay between fingers to make a thin point.  Begin shaping hat having it go up and down with the end going up.  Pull the beard to the side and wave up and down with it ending in a curl. Keep it lifted off of the body. Keep checking and positioning until it is cured.

Finishing details on Santa:

Mix ¼” of QW and pull off very small pieces to make eyebrows and roll into small cones.  Attach to bottom of hat band.

For the cuffs pull off two ¼” balls and roll each into a coil about ¾” long.  Lay end on top of arm and wrap over arm.  Use exacto knife to cut off excess, gently pat.  Repeat for other arm. For the arm holding the tree push the top of the cuff down so that it does not get in the way of inserting the tree.

For the pant cuffs pull off two ¼” balls and roll into a coil that is a little less than ¼” wide.  Lay end on top of leg and wrap over leg.  Cut excess with an exacto knife, and gently pat.  Repeat for other leg.

Roll ball about ¼” for end of hat.  Place hole in ball with tool or pencil. Place super glue gel in hole and attach to end of hat.  Reshape if needed.

For the mustache pull off two ¼” balls of clay and roll into ½”+ cones.  Lay fat end of cones under nose and gentle pat ends into place.  Turn up ends of mustache.

If you have any QW left pinch off a small piece and flatten onto the Styrofoam on the bird making sure not to cover the area for the legs and dowel.  Allow to cure.

For the bow on Santa’s pack mix 1/8″ of QW, pull off a 1/4″ ball and roll into a thin coil about 1 1/2″ long, lay around top of pack just under top band.  Press into place and flatten.  Divide remaining clay into 4 and roll each into a long skinny coil, each about 1 1/2″ long.  Lay on parchment paper and gently flatten.  Let lay 5 minutes.  For tail of bow pick up one piece and lay against band, wave up and down on bag.  Cut end on bow on angle and saw excess.  Repeat for second tail starting at the same point on the band.  For bow pick up piece and fold ends together keeping look open.  Remove any excess if needed, you will want both of your loops to be the same size.  Lay over center point of tails on band.  Repeat for second loop.  Roll excess clay into a small coil about 3/4″ long.  Lay over center of bow and trim at top and bottom.  Keep watch and shaping loops until clay cures.

Inserting dowel and legs:

Mark where you want to put dowel in bottom of bird.  Press dowel into Styrofoam.  Mix ¼’ of QW and roll into a 1 ½”coil and wrap around the top of the dowel.  Blend clay onto Styrofoam and also onto dowel.  Allow to cure.

Insert legs into body in desired location.  Mix 1/2” of QW and divide in 2.   Roll into a coil about 1 1/4″ long and wrap around top of leg.  Blend top into body, blend seam and shape bottom.   Allow to cure.

If you have areas on your bird that the Styrofoam is not covered mix up a little QW at a time and press and blend it onto those areas.